Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween from Minot

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all eat a lot of candy for me today :) also send me pictures of your costumes, cause missionaries aren't allowed to go out on Halloween night, which isn't totally awful because I get to avoid all the masks :)
I just wanted to thank everyone for the packages and letters and love! It means so much.
I asked my mom to send me some healthy snacks. She went to the health food store and bought me gummy worms... now that is true love!!! ❤
This week was amazing! The work is great, and I am in love with everyone we are teaching.
I had the opportunity to re-read some of the conference talks this week, and something I wanted to share with you all is from President Uchtdorf's talk. He talked about a saying "Pro tanto quid retribuamus?" which means.. What shall we give for so much in return? I know we have hard days.. trust me I get it.. but we are so blessed! I think that is why I am loving this tiny town of Minot so much, because I have been given so much and I can't help but give back. I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!
I know we all have different situations, but if you haven't had the opportunity to listen, watch or read conference I encourage you to. I am surprised at the number of members I have asked what their favorite talk in conference was, and they can't tell me because they didn't listen. I know that we have busy lives, and I am guilty of this as well, but when we don't listen to the prophets and apostles, and leaders of the church it reminds me of those who didn't in the scriptures, and we know how things ended up for them.
So here's a funny story for you all. On Tuesday night we were at a stoplight and my companion dared me to get out of the car to give these guys a card... so I did! I invited them to watch the video on the link and check out the website. Then the light turned green. Well then on Thursday, we were teaching a lesson to a single guy, so we had to meet in a public place. We went to Starbucks, and we saw those same guys from the stoplight!! no way!! Then we taught them and loved them and it was so awesome! Heavenly Father is pretty cool.

I love you all to the moon and back! Tell me all the things!!

love sister j

Matching for the Halloween party with our $1 shirts from Wal-Mart

Happy Halloween!! 

This is my love Kim

Kim made me home made salsa, cause she knows I love it, and I almost shed a tear

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