Monday, October 31, 2016


What a week! well on Monday we ate at a members house and I got fed buffalo. I told them not to tell me what I was eating until it was all gone, but it was actually really really good. who knew?

We went on exchanges this week ( I went with a different Sister, and her companion went with mine) I had a blast! We had a lesson with a couple on the air force base and I got bit by their pet ferret. Then we went to this place called Glenburn, North Dakota. let me tell you about Glenburn, North Dakota. It's probably 3 miles wide, and there is one gas station with one gas pump. No stop lights. Three churches (catholic, Baptist, and Lutheran). The Lutheran church is a little white church with a bell. A BELL. It was a movie. Well we knocked doors in Glenburn for a good while, I'm pretty sure we met everyone who lived in the town. Then when we were driving back to Minot the sun was peaking through the clouds and I was the happiest human in all the land.

We got 5 new investigators this week and I LOVE THEM ALL! I love missionary work, I just get to love people, and serve them, and teach them about Jesus!

One lesson this week was with this adorable family named the Hardy's, I love them! We were about to say a prayer and the oldest boy who is 12 was about to pray and he took a long pause before he started and his little sister Ava who's 3 goes, "just go already!" I literally could not stop laughing through the whole prayers. oops. God has a sense of humor I'm sure of it!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful week and I miss you and I love you!!

love sister Barbie ❤ 

Weekly planning with Sister Hansen and Ben and Jerry

The only colorful leaves in the whole state

This is Glenburn :)

Exchanges with Sister Mikhail, by the cutie little church in Glenburn

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