Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Cause Warmer Weather

Get this: it is 80 degrees warmer this week than it was 2 weeks ago! The snow is melting, and tracting isn't painful. This week we went on exchanges twice, so I got to kick it with sister Florek and then sister Greene. President came to our District Meeting on Friday and then took me, sister Hansen, Greene, and Florek out for Thai food. LOVE HIM.
We had a missionary broadcast this week from the home of the Apostles and other general authorities. It was AMAZing. They also changed our missionary daily schedule. We now have more time in the morning to get ready, more time at night to write in our journals, and 2 extra hours on P-day (hence why this email is coming earlier than usual), and we have a little bit more freedom on how we plan our day. It's rad. 
Our new church building flooded a couple weeks back and they didn't get it fixed in time, so the fire marshal booted us out. Now we will be meeting with the 1st ward as well at their building. Gonna be a partay! 
sister Hansen is leaving me! This is the last week of the transfer, so next week I will be getting a new companion. so crazy how fast that went by. 
Benny Ricks asked me on Monday again if we could get married in the temple next week. Well sure Bennett! After dinner we were sitting in the living room for our dinner message. When we finished Bennett said, "can I say something now?" then he thought long and hard how he was going to say this and word by word he said, "I. Think. I. Should. Go. Out. With. (points at me) You." Everyone started laughing so hard. Then Brother Ricks said "wait, maybe we should clarify what that means?" Benny: "I'm going to marry her in the temple next week." Literally my favorite kid ever. Sister Ricks had to take a picture and said, "he will always remember his favorite sister Johnson." 

  2 Nephi 22:2  Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.


Benny ❤

I love sister Greene!!

10 days 💔 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Minot the Beautiful

This week I had the best and worst lessons of my mission. Trying to teach the Restoration to an 8 and 12 year old who want to beat each other up the whole time can really try ones patience... #I'mtryingtobelikeJesus. But let's focus on the positive! The lesson after that was the most Spirit filled lesson I have ever had. That, my friends, is why I LOVE being a missionary. 
We recently have been volunteering at a food pantry once a week. The ladies that we do it with go to Bethany Lutheran church here in town. When we walked in this week, they ladies said "the Sister's are here! Oh we are so happy, we told all of our friends about you." Talk about feeling loved! They invited us to their churches Rhubarb festival this week... stay tuned. 
In a hurry, but know I love you all! 

"As you set goals this year, set your sights on the two great commandments- to love God and to love one another." 

"Decide to laugh a lot and follow God."

Minot the beautiful 

Ready for our close up 

Pizza at district meeting

We all wore stripes, how cute! 

Love the Lawson's 

Chicken on a stick in Velva... all we do is eat (and other missionary things)

Always selfies  

The prettiest place we've found

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shots Shots Shots

Funny story. This week we taught the restoration using cups to some members (I'll send a picture)! When we asked who appeared to Joseph Smith when he knelt down and offered up a prayer, she took a long pause and then yelled "Peter!" I literally tried so hard not to laugh, but it made my whole day! 

We put Carol on date for baptism on Feb. 25 and I am so happy! 

On Friday, after district meeting, we decided to treat ourselves to some Subway. Well, after we ate, there was this old man sitting all alone eating, and nothing rips out my heart more than lonely old men. So, I went and talked with him. He said he was turning 84 in a couple of days. He asked me what we do as missionaries and a bunch of questions about our church. Then I gave him a Book of Mormon to read and he took it. He told me that there was something different about us. He said he thought it was so cool that we prayed over our food, and could tell we had something special. That was the best compliment I have ever gotten! 

Other than that, it's still cold, and I'm still a missionary, and I still love it! I love all of you a lot! 

Shot cups put to great use :) 

Our winter wonderland 

4 more weeks with this chump❤

Weekly sister lunch! 

HAPPY 2017

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all had a rockin' New Years! I loved the pictures and emails from everyone :) 

Well, we had an eventful week. We put some on date for baptism and dropped some other's. Needless to say missionary work is a roller coaster from week to week. 

We had transfers, so we have been helping all of the new missionaries to the area get settled in. We had a couple sister's living with us for the week so it was our mini sorority ;) New Years Eve was fun, but probably not as exciting as most. We taught a bunch of lesson's that day, and then went over to the Sanger's for dinner and games. Went home at 9, and was in bed by 10. party. animals. It's okay though because we had a cool little experience at one of our lesson's that day.

Early this week we were trying potential's and going to different homes of less active member's. We knocked on one door and a man answered. It wasn't the person we were looking for, but we asked him if he wanted to learn more and he said yes! We scheduled an appointment for the 31st. We went back and taught him and his two sons. We committed him to a baptismal date at the end of this month and he said yes! Then he told us that he had been praying to know more about God and then later that day we knocked on his door. It was the coolest feeling to know that we were an answer to his prayer!! 

Update: Fatima is definitely trying to marry us off to her sons. during our lesson with her and her son, she said "Khalifa (the guy we are teaching) likes her (sister hansen), but I like you (me)". Sufficiently awkward, but had to laugh it off. No Fatima I cannot marry your son! Always eventful here in the Dakotas. 

Oh, I successfully cried for the first time in a lesson this week so rock on! Made it almost 4 months! 

I love you all. have a wondrous week. You're great. 

I really just wanted you to see how tall the snow is, but this does not do it justice. Oh well here's a picture of me being candid. 

I get to drive now!