Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Well, it has come. It's a winter wonderland! 10 inches in 3 days people. I am not prepared. Now I have an excuse to wear my beanies and not do my hair HAHA!
I hope you all had a fantastic Turkey day! I did! It was definitely weird being away from family, but the members were amazing and took us in. We had a couple dinners (yeah I ate my weight in food). We also had a couple teaching appointments. There is literally nothing more fulfilling than talking about the Savior during the Holidays. Also! I made yams for thanksgiving dinner, my grandmas would be so proud! They were tasty, except one minor detail... Sister Hansen and I have never made them before, nor did we have a recipe. We used a stick and a half of butter for 5 yams. HAHAH I am literally laughing typing this. About half way through cooking them, she goes, "do you think we should add more butter?" We took them out and they were SWIMMING in butter. Oh man, but they sure were scrumptious.

Speaking of holiday. Have you heard of the Christmas Initiative the church is doing this year? Everyone look up the video, it is #LightTheWorld. Then go on Mormon.org and do the 25 days of service! I promise you will have the Spirit of Christmas in your home if you do. Also, the video is AMAZING so at least watch it.

So here's a cool story for ya, sister Hansen found this quote on Wednesday morning that we really loved.

"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences,
we are spiritual beings have a human experience."

Good right? well that was the first time I had ever heard it. Then, later that night we had an appointment at Denny's (not bad) and when we were waiting for them to get there, this man approached us and started asking us questions about our church. We answered them and he really liked what we had to say. Then he said something about us having a greater purpose than just this life, and then he quoted that quote! I literally almost fell over. We kept talking for like 15 minutes, and set up a return appointment. I love when things work out perfectly like that. It is amazing.

On Tuesday I was backing sister Hansen out, and there is this cop who lives in our apartment complex whose name is Andy. Well, Andy always seems to be around when I do something embarrassing (he probably thinks Mormons are the nuttiest people). Well we had the Nashville Tribute Trek CD playing. There is a song that sounds like an indian tribe dancing around a fire. She turned it down when I went to get in the car, and I was like "turn it up!" so I started dancing around like a crazy person and she loses it laughing. I hear Andy behind me say "beautiful! A +!" HAHAHAH SO EMBARASSING. Oh well, at least he knows we know how to have a good time :)

Well that's all folks. Also, I am attaching a link that you all need to watch!!


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