Sunday, July 9, 2017

International Teaching Pool

I assumed when I got called to ND I would be teaching a bunch of oil field workers and farmers. not so. we are teaching a native american, indonesian, south korean, nepali, liberians, two people from Ghana, and a couple of Minnesotans and Dakotans. praying for the gift of tongues is a real thing cause most the time I have no idea what they trying to say to me. I love them all so much. I also have gotten really good at accents from all walks of life. 

sister pullan and I try international cuisine every week. last week Vietnamese. this week Thai. Next week Middle Eastern. stay tuned. also we are trying to mix up our routine life and buy a new fruit every week at the store. I know, only exciting if you're a missonary. but I suggest moon peaches. they changed my life. 

I'm still getting really bad head and back aches, so sister pullan has been trying to massage them out any chance we get. she was concerned that I have three spines because of how tight my muscles are. can't win em all! 

the temple was fantastical. sister gabler was able to come with her broken foot. yes she broke her foot last p day. she hobbled into the font just fine :) Melvina loved the temple! She has so much faith it amazes me. 

tomorrow I will be celebrating our freedom with my star t shirt and jell-o. (cause nothing screams mormon bbq like jell-o). I'm grateful for this country and most importantly for our freedom of religion. God bless the USA. 

Side walk chalked the Plan of Salvation with the Brothersons

Thai with Laura

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Solid Week

you know your a missionary when the things that get you pumped is getting word that they finally translated the Book of Mormon into Nepali. THIS IS BIG PEOPLE! we are teaching a man who is from Nepal, and he wants to be baptized so badly, but culturally he has to get permission from his family, and they aren't down. it makes me sad, but miracles do happen. he understands us, but the language barrier is rough and also reading the Book of Mormon is hard for him. well on friday night we had a lesson with him and we were talking about how great it would be if they just had the Book of Mormon in his native language... well low and behold we get on for something and front page news "The Book of Mormon translated into Nepali." PUUUUMPED. this is great for Gopal. so the other day we went over to teach Gopal, and we walk in to a small village in his living room. basically every family member and friend from Nepal was there. well they all sat cross legged on the floor for our lesson. I love teaching small villages. 

earlier last week we went to Bismarck for MLC. it was the best one yet (even though I've only had two). we stayed at a senior missionary couples apartment for the night. when we were driving to their place Elder Crozier said "do you want a milkshake?" me "i'm okay!" him "okay let's get a milkshake!" so we got milkshakes! 

our investigator John is so solid. he loves the Gospel and I love that he loves it! he'll be getting baptized next month. 

we're going down to the temple this weekend with a convert named Melvina. so excited! we are also teaching her mama and Betty is sweet! she doesn't have a knee, so coming to church has been hard for her to do. but she came!!! so happy. it was probably one of the loudest sacrament meetings I have ever been in. good news: John and Betty were at church. bad news: they couldn't hear. can't win em all.

okay now for some news. so I don't have to email it to everyone separately. I found out that I come home on Feb 23rd. I thought it was going to be my birthday, but turns out i was mistaken. long story as to why that is, but now you know! see you in less than 8. that's nuts. 


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