Friday, November 18, 2016


Can you believe it? I made it one whole transfer! That means I have 6 weeks left with my training too! 
I heard it's been crazy warm back home, and it hasn't been to shabby here either. No snow yet, and we're still rocking the 50's/60's. 
Well, when I would read my friends group emails who were on missions I always wanted to know more about their companions other than "they're cool." So, I'm going to tell you all a little bit about Sister Hansen... she's from Syracuse, Utah. She cheered in High School. She loves candy more than I do (no seriously people it's nutty)! Her first name is Mikayla. Her parents are divorced. She went to SUU before her mission. She hates the cold, so North Dakota couldn't be a better fit. Her celestial kingdom is on the front of a boat in Lake Powell eating a bowl of yellow thai curry. She gets hangry just about as bad as I do... don't be around on fast Sunday. It's ugly. And we laugh hard. We are very very similar. 
Something really fun we got to do this week was talk to the Activity Day girls about serving missions. After, they wrote their testimonies on little pieces of paper and gave them to us to give to people we meet. We also challenged them to give out Books of Mormon to their friends. Two days later we saw them again and they had already done it! I'm telling you, the youth of the church are going to hold it all together. They amaze me! Then we were street contacting, and I met this lady named Carrie who is getting baptized into the Pursuit church in two weeks. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she wanted to read it. I stuck in one of the testimonies from one of the little girls and she thought that was just the neatest things in the whole world! 
Our service this week was the bomb! We got to set up one of the girl's in our wards 18th surprise birthday party. She comes teaching with us all the time, so it was the least we could do. We couldn't stay for the party cause we had work to do, but it was fun being able to get it all perfect for her! I love her! 

Have an amazing week and do something good in the world!! 

"Hope is putting faith to work, when doubting would be easier."
 - President Gordon B Hinkley 


Look at these cutie little missionaries!! 

 I considered taking it cause it had my name on it  


I love Faith Amsbury! 

grandma Johnson and baby Johnson :) Johnson squared :)

Testimonies from the sweetest humans ever 

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