Sunday, January 15, 2017

HAPPY 2017

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all had a rockin' New Years! I loved the pictures and emails from everyone :) 

Well, we had an eventful week. We put some on date for baptism and dropped some other's. Needless to say missionary work is a roller coaster from week to week. 

We had transfers, so we have been helping all of the new missionaries to the area get settled in. We had a couple sister's living with us for the week so it was our mini sorority ;) New Years Eve was fun, but probably not as exciting as most. We taught a bunch of lesson's that day, and then went over to the Sanger's for dinner and games. Went home at 9, and was in bed by 10. party. animals. It's okay though because we had a cool little experience at one of our lesson's that day.

Early this week we were trying potential's and going to different homes of less active member's. We knocked on one door and a man answered. It wasn't the person we were looking for, but we asked him if he wanted to learn more and he said yes! We scheduled an appointment for the 31st. We went back and taught him and his two sons. We committed him to a baptismal date at the end of this month and he said yes! Then he told us that he had been praying to know more about God and then later that day we knocked on his door. It was the coolest feeling to know that we were an answer to his prayer!! 

Update: Fatima is definitely trying to marry us off to her sons. during our lesson with her and her son, she said "Khalifa (the guy we are teaching) likes her (sister hansen), but I like you (me)". Sufficiently awkward, but had to laugh it off. No Fatima I cannot marry your son! Always eventful here in the Dakotas. 

Oh, I successfully cried for the first time in a lesson this week so rock on! Made it almost 4 months! 

I love you all. have a wondrous week. You're great. 

I really just wanted you to see how tall the snow is, but this does not do it justice. Oh well here's a picture of me being candid. 

I get to drive now! 

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