Sunday, January 29, 2017

Minot the Beautiful

This week I had the best and worst lessons of my mission. Trying to teach the Restoration to an 8 and 12 year old who want to beat each other up the whole time can really try ones patience... #I'mtryingtobelikeJesus. But let's focus on the positive! The lesson after that was the most Spirit filled lesson I have ever had. That, my friends, is why I LOVE being a missionary. 
We recently have been volunteering at a food pantry once a week. The ladies that we do it with go to Bethany Lutheran church here in town. When we walked in this week, they ladies said "the Sister's are here! Oh we are so happy, we told all of our friends about you." Talk about feeling loved! They invited us to their churches Rhubarb festival this week... stay tuned. 
In a hurry, but know I love you all! 

"As you set goals this year, set your sights on the two great commandments- to love God and to love one another." 

"Decide to laugh a lot and follow God."

Minot the beautiful 

Ready for our close up 

Pizza at district meeting

We all wore stripes, how cute! 

Love the Lawson's 

Chicken on a stick in Velva... all we do is eat (and other missionary things)

Always selfies  

The prettiest place we've found

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