Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snowy Christmas and a Frozen New Year

Hello my people. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I sure did! 

Christmas Eve we had lunch with all the sister's in our zone, then we visited people and did normal missionary things. After, we made cookies and took them to the airmen on base who had to work on Christmas Eve. It was so fun!! 

We had a blizzard on Christmas, so church was cancelled. A missionary not going to church on Christmas... it was weird let me tell ya. We spent the day with the Sangers who are members, and conveniently live in our apartment complex! We had Christmas breakfast with them and opened presents. Then the McRae's came and picked us up for Christmas dinner. We spent most of the day there and guess what we had for dinner? prime rib and crab legs. Soooooooo content! Around 6:30 they told us they needed to take us home or we were going to be camping out at their house. I thought I was going to die. You could only see about 5 ft in front of you, it was super freaky. 

The rest of the week was amazing though! We put our investigator, David, on date for baptism on January 28th! I taught the Plan of Salvation while there was a squirrel sitting on the couch next to me eating walnuts. #onlyinND

We taught a Muslim family from India and the mom (Fatima) kept kissing my cheeks and giving me presents from India hahaha she was the cutest old lady ever!! I'm also certain she wanted to marry us off to her two sons because she kept telling me and my companion how "beautiful and innocent and modest" we were. hahahaha! They couldn't quite grasp the concept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Baby steps. 

We had transfers this week, but I'm staying here with Sister Hansen for her last transfer! Not mad though :) I love Minot and her! 

p.s sorry I wasn't on my email yesterday... we got snowed in so we are just barely getting to do P-day things! LOVE YOU. 

This is the cutie Sister Crockett 

Christmas Eve brunch with the sisters  

Me and Ruddie  

Sister Hansen had food poisoning on Christmas Eve, and this was her portions at dinner to try to keep it down.. poor babe  

Christmas Eve games with the Roskelley's!

10 points to whoever understands my shirt :) 

We were trying to be cute 

Just wanted one good picture with Leo...finally got the it :) 

 Christmas dinner with Madi McRae 

My fav McRae's 

lol at the snow 

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