Monday, December 19, 2016

I Love Being a Missionary!


Wow. What a week. 

So we got in a car wreck, but all is well! It should have been wayyyy worse than it was. We were on our way to interviews with our mission president, and we took the off ramp (that curves, so you can't see very well the other side) but didn't know of the ice that was lying ahead. Sister H lost control of the vehicle and hit the barrier that bounced us into a snow bank. There were 7 other cars that did the same thing right before us. They didn't make it out as great as us. A couple of them crashed into each other, one went through the barrier and was being towed out. Let me tell you, it was SCARY. There was a cop at the scene, but they hadn't shut off the off ramp which was really dumb, but that's just my opinion. Anyways.. I'm fine, my companion is fine, and our car only had a cracked front left wheel, no body damage. Miracles. So we will be getting it back, but let me tell you, walking in this weather is NO fun! Lesson learned. Super fun walking in to interviews all shaken up to tell our mission president that we crashed though. He wasn't even mad and gave us his personal card to go with the zone leaders to get it taken care of... he is such a good man!  

We got trapped inside this weekend because it was -45, but we are being blessed and it is 28 today and SO WARM. 

We had our Zone Christmas party, and Zone Conference this week which was the BOMB. I have the coolest missionaries to serve around, and I wish everyone could meet my mission pres. and his wife, they are the salt of the earth! 

We have two new investigators that we've started teaching this week. EVERYONE, let me tell you about this man! 6 years ago he got acute glaucoma and went completely blind in one eye, and legally blind in the other within 3 days time, his son also died that same year, went through a divorce and is now raising his 7 year old daughter alone. The man has more faith in Christ than anyone I have ever met. I LOVE TEACHING HIM! He loves what we have been teaching and is eating it up! Again. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

So many other miracles and so many stories and no time. 

I seriously love you all so much and I hope you have an AMAZING Christmas. 

xo sister johnson and sister hansen 

Many photos with my Grandma Johnson who went home on Friday. miss her so much already! 

Sleep over with the Dickinson Sister's for Zone Conf.

Another with Sister J 

Been with this crazy for 3 months!! Happy 3 months to us 

Also, here are more Christmas pics :) 

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