Monday, October 17, 2016

Warming Up or Cooling Down?

another P day huh? 
well I'm warming up to Minot! (even though it's really cold) it snowed pretty hard on Tuesday, but it didn't stick. then it warmed up a bit, so that was a blessing! and just it case you're wondering how cold it really gets, the natives said it's supposed to be a rough winter so we're looking at -60. I'M LITERALLY IN THE ARCTIC! I'm serving with the best missionaries around so that makes me happy! 

you know those fire bugs that are usually in the mountains in Utah? I don't know what their real name is, but there are 1000000000 of them here. We were sitting in church, and they started coming in from the ceiling, it was a boarder line horror story. 
on Thursday every single one of our appointments fell through! I was so sad. so we put on our walking shoes and knocked on every door in Minot. okay maybe not every one, but it felt like it! That's how we met Carol! She invited us in and I could've cried tears of joy. In fact, I may have. she told me her whole life story and then we taught her about Joseph Smith, and she invited us back for tomorrow! I WAS SO HAPPY. Everyone up here is pretty religious, and they're all super friendly. I had a Minister say he would pray for me, and he appreciated what we were doing. such a cutie.

tomorrow me and Sister Hansen are teaching a bible study class... hmm this should be interesting! I'm pumped though, I invite everyone I see to come :)

Well I hope you all are doing amazing, and let me know if you need some love! you're all in my prayers, and I love you a whole ton.

p.s. I hope you all got my address change, I typed it wrong the last letter. oops.

also a late happy birthday to my best friend Taylor Reece who is in Ukraine, and my auntie Anali. LOVE YOU BOTH

love sister j
madi yeates, I bought this for you, should be there any day now

our zone training meeting

this is Katie Rosskelly, she comes teaching with us. I LOVE HER

some I forgot to send :)

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