Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm Twenty and this Week Rocked

So get this.. I have the coolest friends ever. And as sweet as you can make a birthday on a mission, they did!
We went to BWW for lunch (sad cause it was boneless Thursday, not traditional Tuesday... but it still was the bomb) with all of the missionaries in the zone. My companion and some of the other sisters got me a cheesecake and a crown and a ribbon and princess plates and party poppers and party hats and it was a fiesta!
Then one of the members in the ward, who also doubles as one of my friends who I will love forever, made me fajitas for din din. She also decorated and placed a crown on my head. She made me pies cause she's the best baker ever. Then I came home to glow sticks on the floor and ceiling that said "Happy Birthday 20" "We Luv Jonny" (Jonny=me), seriously though, it was a great day and I felt so loved even though I was so far away from family and friends. Oh and my zone leaders and sister training leader did the blazin' challenge for my birthday, so they rock.
also a shout out to my companion who made it amazing! I love Foster child. And also a shout out to everyone who sent me cards and packages and goods, you all have a special place in my heart... thank you!! I burnt a skirt cause I hit my 6 month mark so that was pretty rad.
One of my investigators threw me a party too on Friday. She is so thoughtful!
Hey well have a stellar week and remember who you are. 

6 months in the house! 

Pre-blazin' challenge 

Post-blazin' challenge 

Birthday pics 

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